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Gray's Creek Airport 7154 Butler Nursery Rd. Fayetteville NC 28306 US   |  1.910.223.0567  | 


     Dale Smith started Gray's Creek Airport 24 years ago as a crop spraying strip and it grew from there.  Along with the spray plane, he purchased a Cessna 150 and began teaching flying. 
     Today there are several T hangars and enclosed hangars that house planes for individuals that live in the Fayetteville/Cumberland Co. area. 
     The runway was paved in 1987 and is 30 feet wide by 3500 feet long.  Dale's son, Scot, has joined the family business and has gotten his A&P license and works along with Dale in the maintenance shop.  Scot has his private pilot license and is working on his instrument rating and the IA certificate.